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How can Canada help international students settle in the country?

20th, Dec 2018

There has been a rise in the number of international students moving to Canada. Canada has seen a surge in the number of international students while it has been opposite for the US and the UK. Its welcoming attitude and friendly immigration policies have made it the preferred destination of many. The Centre for Immigration and Settlement of Ryerson University published a paper in October....

Study MBA in Canada- Our shortlist of Top 5 Universities

20th, Dec 2018

Study MBA in Canada- Our shortlist of Top 5 Universities Read on to know about the five best universities to study MBA in Canada, their unique programs, fees and admission requirements. So you’ve decided to study in Canada. Great choice! Canada is known to be one of the most welcoming and friendliest countries in the world. You can explore its vibrant cities like Vancouver, Toronto and...

Most Affordable Universities

20th, Dec 2018

CHEAPEST UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS It used to be a dream to seek admission in countries offering free education to international students, but now, it is a reality. Among them are Scandinavian countries and others where tuition fee is nominal or even free for international students too. Germany features prominently among them as many of its public universities do not ...

Six Best Places to Study Abroad

7th, Mar 2017

Picking a destination may be the hardest part of getting ready to study abroad. With 196 countries scattered across the globe, it’s hard to pick just one to be your home for a summer, a semester, or even a year. HC is here to help you narrow it down, with a complete guide to the top 12 study abroad destinations based on a CBS news report from last year that tracked the number of student...

Low-skills workers with limited English get Australian permanent residency pathway

16th, Dec 2018

The Federal Government of Australia has opened doors to semi-skilled migrants, in order to fill skill gaps in some regional areas, where they will have a pathway to permanent residence in Australia that was unavailable before. The Commonwealth Government has signed a five-year special visa agreement with Victoria’s Great South Coast Region that will give businesses in the region access to...

Top German Universities for MS in Computer Science

15th, Dec 2018

Come the 21st century, technology has been integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. And computer science, which is an ever growing field in technology, is one of the most sought-after majors in universities. As industries are shaping themselves to adapt growing technology trends, there is an increased emphasis on software, rather than hardware. In Germany, the demand and growth opportunit...

MBA in Germany

15th, Dec 2018

Why MBA from Germany? In recent years number of Indian students in Germany has increased because of the excellent facilities provided by the German government. ‘Study in Germany’ seminars are conducted in India to woo Indian students to pursue higher education in Germany. Students get an excellent quality of educational amenities, research services, residence allowanc...

Universities in Germany

15th, Dec 2018

Germany, the centre of the finest quality scientific research and innovation, boasts of superior universities, which attract the brightest students from around the world to be a part of it. The universities in Germany have an excellent reputation in the world for their focus on diverse choice of subjects, hands-on knowledge, free education, and world-class learning experience. As pe...

DAAD scholarships

15th, Dec 2018

To apply for a scholarship a letter of motivation or a research exposé is required. The following guidelines will help you. How do I write my letter of motivation? A letter of motivation is required when you apply for a study scholarship or a grant for a language or specialist course. This letter gives you the chance to describe your personality and the reasons why...

Top Five Universities to Study in Australia

8th, Dec 2018

A look at the top five universities to study in Australia according to the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings G’day mate! You- yes you- we see that you’ve got one foot in the door that opens up to the land down under. And we wanted you to know that the decision you made to study in Australia will be the best made in your student lifetime.  ...