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Gandhi Jayanti 2018: Wishes To Send On Mahatma Gandhi's Birth Anniversary

2nd, Oct 2018

NEW DELHI:  This year, on October 2, India will celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary is celebrated every year as Gandhi Jayanti to commemorate his ideals of peace and non-violence as well as his immense contribution to India's freedom struggle. Gandhi Jayanti is one of India's 3 official national holidays, along w...


4th, Sep 2018

Science Science has always been an established field of study in the world. It involves the employment of mathematical and scientific principles in developing solutions for real world problems. Offering a number of lucrative career opportunities to students, Science has extended itself beyond being a simple course of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There are over a hundred specializations avai...

Post Graduation

4th, Sep 2018

Post Graduation Postgraduate education, as the name suggests, can be pursued by those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution. Studies at the Post-Graduation level are much more focused and specific than the ones at the undergraduate level. Almost everywhere, PG courses are considered to be a part of higher education system, and involve studying and learning fo...


4th, Sep 2018

PhD PhD or a Doctor of Philosophy is a doctorate degree awarded by several universities in different countries. The universities in countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK award PhD degree in wide range of programs in the sciences (e.g., biology, physics, mathematics, etc.) and humanities (e.g., history, English literature, musicology, etc.). To pursue studies for a PhD program t...

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

4th, Sep 2018

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) An MBA degree is one of the most aspired postgraduate degrees today for both fresh graduates and business professionals. An MBA degree provides attractive opportunities for students in different fields and sectors of Business Administration. The core sectors or areas of business management covered by MBA include accounting, marketing, finance, operations...

Study Masters Abroad

4th, Sep 2018

Masters The study abroad programs for master’s degrees allow international students to pursue Master’s Study in a foreign destination and get education of international standards. Universities across the world award Master’s Degree to students upon completion of a course of study in a specific field or professional practice. With the Master’s Degree, students get qualifi...

Master of Science (MS)

4th, Sep 2018

Master of Science (MS) A Master of Science degree is based on research and scientific learning. For a MS degree, a bachelor's degree in a related field is always a prerequisite at almost all educational institutions offering master’s courses across the world. Master of Science degrees can be earned in accounting, economics, finance, management, information science, engineering, medici...

Study Management Abroad

4th, Sep 2018

Management Studies Management programs and courses grab a lot of opportunities and culminate such skills in the students that they become a high-catch for employees across the globe. A Management degree is one of the most aspired post-graduation degrees today for both graduates and working professionals. World Wide College offers assistance to alumni round the clock to gain admission into ...

Information Technology

4th, Sep 2018

IT (Information Technology) An Information Technology degree is one of the most aspired degrees today for both undergraduate and post graduate students. Information Technology can be used widely in all the sectors of the economy. It offers a bright future for the innovative and growth oriented students. Due to increasing demand for the Information Technology professionals, it has become the mos...

How to Study Abroad

4th, Sep 2018

How to Study Abroad Are you excited to study abroad? To experience new culture? World WIde College, the world's best student placement company . endeavors to provide best counseling services to all candidates who want to gain foreign degree. The benefits of studying from abroad are discovering a new region of world or study at world's best course in required field or learning a new...