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19th, Oct 2018

You’ve found your dream course, decided which Australian city you’ll settle in, and now you’re already starting to think about the application process. There are a few important factors to consider when putting together your student visa application, from choosing the right institution, to health and character requirements, and proof of finances. While it may seem a little daunti...

Immigration leads to increase in Germany’s population

26th, Sep 2018

Germany’s population managed to grow by two million due to high levels of immigration. At the end of 2017, Germany’s total population was 82.8 million. Germany’s Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) said that the population has increased by 270,700 persons compared to the previous year. In 2016, the number of persons died were more than the number of perso...

How to apply for a German Visa?

26th, Sep 2018

If you are applying for a German Visa, there is some documentation work that you must complete. Based on the type of visa that you are applying for; the list of documents may vary. The first step is to start filling the application form. While doing so, you must ensure that you fill out the correct information about yourself and the reason for your travel. Use capital letters whi...

UK GDP Growth Trends: 2018 – 2022

5th, Sep 2018

The UK GDP per capita was at 40, 529.6 US$ in 2016. The population of the UK was also around 64.6 million individuals in the same year. The UK is among the top nations in the global GDP ranking. The below statistics offer projections for UK GDP per capita till the year 2022: Year UK GDP per capita in US $ 2018 44, 177.5 2019 45, ...

Top 5 source nations for Singapore PR immigrants

5th, Sep 2018

The 5 source nations for Singapore PR immigrants is topped by Malaysia with 44% of its nationals obtaining the Singapore PR. It is followed by China and India in the second and third positions respectively. The % of Chinese was 18% and that of Indians was 12%. Rank Nation % of Singapore PR immigrants 1. Malaysia 44% 2....

All that you need to know about the Sweden Study Visa

5th, Sep 2018

Sweden Study Visa is also known as the ‘Residence Permit for Studies’ locally. Sweden is a top global destination for higher education as well as being the nation of diversity and balance. Universities in Sweden are among the top leaders in education globally. They use methods of teaching based on ‘responsibility with freedom’. ‘Residence Permit for ...

UK Tier 2 Visa alternatives for skilled non-EEA workers

27th, Aug 2018

UK employers and their potential overseas hires have several alternatives for the UK Tier 2 Visa. These can offer enhanced prospects of success of the visa application. It could also prove to be more suitable for them, as quoted by the Personnel Today. The UK immigration experts are also of the opinion that there are viable options for UK Tier 2 Visa. The empl...

New Zealand Universities with Maximum Indian Students

27th, Aug 2018

A recent study has revealed that there is a 28% growth in the numbers of Indian students in New Zealand Universities.  New Zealand has some of the best global Universities in the world. Most of the Indian students are enrolled in top 6 of its Universities. Rank New Zealand Institution % of Indian students 1. Universal College of Learning 62...

10 Reasons To Study in Germany [Infographic]

27th, Aug 2018

10 REASONS TO STUDY IN GERMANY 1. With more than 409 higher education institutions across the country, Germany provides each student with the possibility to choose more than 14,500 Bachelor and Master degree programmes. 2. 11 out of the 16 states in Germany have no tuition fees at all, while some states require a maximum of only 500€ per year. 3. German universities an...

Top 10 Secrets You’ll Discover When You Move to Poland

27th, Aug 2018

    Poland is strongly underrated as a destination for both expats and tourists, but there may be a lot you don’t know about the country, even if you have lived here for a while. Here’s our top ten secrets you may still have to discover about the great country of Poland.   1. ENGLISH ISN’T WIDELY SPOKEN Perhaps this isn’t a big secret, but ...