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Best universities in Poland 2019

19th, Nov 2018

Poland’s education system has seen some extraordinary changes in recent years. Following a huge drive in the nation’s pursuit of a world-class schooling system in recent years, Poland is now home to around 500 higher education institutions. Many of these institutions are specialised, unlike a lot of European universities which tend to follow the traditional model of teaching and resear...

13 things everyone from Poland has to explain to foreigners

17th, Oct 2018

1. Poland is not located in the polar circle.  There are no polar bears roaming free through snow-covered plains. It’s not freezing cold all year long. And no, we don’t all wear those ridiculous fur hats with earflaps. (Well, we didn’t before they became trendy.) Poland has a moderate climate with four properly marked seasons and summer here actually gets hot. 2. We&rs...

Cost of living in Poland – 2018 guide

2nd, Oct 2018

Cost of living in Poland – 2018 guide It’s no secret that living in Poland is much cheaper than in other European countries. Affordable prices of food, rent and entertainment are usually one of the main reasons why people chose Poland to be their home. At the same time if you are thinking of moving to Poland you should take into consideration that you may earn much less than you use...

Getting divorced in Poland

1st, Oct 2018

International divorce If both spouses are Polish nationals, their divorce proceedings are conducted in a Polish court. In any other way one deals with an international divorce and naturally it makes the matter more complex. Divorcing EU citizens The EU provides a clear regulation regarding divorce cases between two citizens of the Union member countries. One of the most burning issue in i...

We have started the academic year 2018/2019

1st, Oct 2018

The ceremony took place on October 1, 2018 in the Main Building of the University of Warsaw The inauguration was attended by numerous guests, including: rectors and vice-rectors of universities from all over Poland, representatives of ministries, professional self-governments, industry and business, ambassadors, as well as people associated with the Warsaw Polytechnic, including employees...

Queues at the consulate in New Delhi

14th, Sep 2018

Queues at the consulate in New Delhi. The 2018 brought very big changes on the Polish labor market. The resources of labor from Poland and Ukraine are not enough for many employers. It was believed that workers from the region of Asia would fill the emptiness. Employers actively invite people from countries such as: Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, the Consul...

Polish citizenship

21st, Sep 2018

Polish citizenship can be acquired by the virtue of law in the following cases: By blood – being born to at least one parent holding Polish citizenship. This is the most common rule and applied to the majority of Polish citizens along with the second case described below. By territory – the right of the soil means that any child born or found on the Polish territory g...

Foreign residents CAN vote in local Polish elections

21st, Sep 2018

When? Poland is about to hold its local elections on 21 October 2018. The second round will take place on 4 November, just at the end of the long weekend of All Saint’s celebrations. Both voting days are Sundays, which is typical for any kind of elections or referendums in Poland. Who do we choose? You will not be electing country-wide politicians, but local ones...

Study in Poland: Fees and Living Costs

15th, Sep 2018

      If you heard of the beautiful Tatra Mountains or the Masurian Lake District, you probably wanted to visit Poland. If you are planning a trip for study purposes, then you should also know that Poland has some of the oldest universities in the world. Modernity also placed its contribution through the development of institutions specialized in medicine, maritime servic...

Why Study in Poland?

15th, Sep 2018

Why Study in Poland? Why study in Poland as an International Student More and more students each year are choosing to study abroad in Poland. These students are drawn to its high-quality education institutions, low tuition fees, and equally low cost of living. Read on to discover why you should consider studying abroad in Poland. Located at the center of the Northern European plain, Polan...