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Best countries in the world to have an Overseas Career – HSBC Survey

6th, Sep 2018

HSBC has released a report ranking the best countries in the world for career-conscious expats. It surveyed nearly 27,000 people from over 190 countries for the report. It takes into consideration how easy it is to work, live and raise their family in the country where they live in. Other major factors like work-life balance, career progression, benefits, and perks were al...

The Top 10 Degrees pursued by top paid US CEOs

6th, Sep 2018

The latest data by a leading job search site in the US has revealed the top 10 Degrees pursued by top paid US CEOs. Only 6 of the top paid CEOs from each US State studied at the Ivy League. They also studied 10 plus courses amongst them. Top 10 Degrees pursued by top paid US CEOs are:  Finance Engineering Journalism Psychology Business Economics Politi...

Top 10 Latin American Nations for University Rankings – 2018

30th, Jul 2018

The Top 10 Latin American Nations for University Rankings in 2018 has been revealed by the Times Higher Education and Brazil remains at the #1 position. Brazil continues to lead in higher educationin the Latin American region. Brazil maintained its status capturing 6 of the revered top 10 spaces as well as a third of total positions. The nation has witnessed 43 institut...

Top 10 UK Computer Science Universities – 2018

30th, Jul 2018

Below are the top 10 UK Computer Science Universities based on the Complete University Guide data. The rankings are based on student satisfaction, research standards, entry standards, and graduate prospects. 1. University of Cambridge It is the # 1 amongst top 10 UK Computer Science Universities. The 2/3rds of the CS graduates from this university opt for Post Graduate St...

Be ready, be organized, because preparation makes you to face challenges

29th, Apr 2017

Success in every challenge comes from being prepared and making use of that opportunity and the most prominent key is to be self confident. People have been moving from their home countries in search of green pastures since decades. They have moved and have left a trail for others to follow and migrant’s numbers have moved up rapidly bringing it to 230 million folks who have spread across th...

Greatest of happiness is when you sponsor your parents and grandparents to Canada

28th, Apr 2017

Now is the time to express unconditional love for the ones who have sacrificed in the upbringing of their children. Parents who bestow their care upon children have wished the very best for their offspring. Likewise, they are responsible for their children to have a better life. Speaking about Grandparents who offer the very best to the next generation always have a welcoming attitude towards l...

Top 5 Reasons To Intern In Australia

21st, Mar 2017

Top 5 Reasons To Intern In Australia There is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing where to gain some international work experience. You're guaranteed to learn new things, gain new perspectives, and make contacts around the globe. Some destinations, however, can offer easier transitions and a broader spectrum of intern possibilities. Australia is one of those places. So whether yo...

Why Study in Germany?

21st, Jan 2017

Why Study in Germany? 1.8 million students around the world go abroad to attend a university. Nearly one tenth of those students choose to come to Germany. Germany has a lot of offers for foreign students, be they first-year students or postgraduates. Germany universities combine age-old traditions with modern technologies. More than 300 universities are featured on Campus Germany: from time-h...

University of Stirling Financial Education Initiative Wins Global Award

26th, Jun 2015

 Stirling Management School’s Amplify Trading Boot Camp has won the CFA Institute Innovative Delivery of Education Award  (IDEA) for innovation in finance teaching and education. The Boot Camp enables students to trade financial instruments using live prices but with virtual money. Delivered by London-based firm Amplify Trading, in collaboration with Stirling Management Schoo...

Redefine Your Career with MSc Big Data at University of Stirling

29th, May 2015

 It is a dream of every student to study in a university that will make their future bright and train them in a way that they will always be successful in life. On the other hand, the students also want to enjoy this beautiful time of their life in the university so that they can treasure these memories in the rest of their lives. If you are a student and are looking for a life like this, the...