London Universities have largest numbers of Indian Students in the UK


London Universities have the largest numbers of Indian students in the UK and they constitute the 4th largest overseas students group. There were 4, 545 Indian students in London Universities in 2016-17 accounting for 26% of all Indian students in the nation.

‘QS Best Student Cities Rankings for 2018’ revealed that London is the Best Global City for overseas students followed by Tokyo at the 2nd place, and Melbourne at the 3rd place. The 4th place is occupied by Montreal and Paris is ranked at the 5th place for best global cities in the world.

The cities were ranked globally on diverse factors. These include the local job market, the number of top universities in the city, the quality of life and diversity of the culture. The associated report has been revealed by London and Partners the promotional agency of London Mayor. It also elaborates that students from India are among the prominent group of overseas students in London, as quoted by the India Today.

London City is the 4th largest Overseas Student Market for Indians after China, the US, and Italy. The average Indian student spends around 30,100 pounds in London. They contributed as much as 137 million pounds as the total spending in 2016-17 to the city.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said that the city welcomes overseas immigrants for studies as well as business and innovation. All the residents of the city can benefit from this, he added.

Overseas students now constitute 41% of the entire student population in London City. This is an increase from the 34% in 2013. The study by London and Partners highlights that the overseas students in London are a crucial source for the growth of the economy of the UK and London.

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