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Studying abroad is not only a great way to add additional academic skills to your profile, even the Indian companies also give preference to a degree from a reputed international university in comparison to an Indian degree. Better infrastructure, quality education and focus on research are some of the main factors because of which students use to go to study abroad. However, before coming to this decision every student analyses the countries where they want to go and which caters to their needs perfectly. In order to find out the best country to study abroad, we will analyze them on the basis of various parameters and find the best country where you can pursue your higher studies.

Different parameters for selecting the best country to study abroad are:

The Country with Best Education system: With numerous world-class universities and research-oriented learning, US is considered to have a well-established higher education system. Their focused approach and preference to innovation make them one of the most sought-after countries to study and work abroad. Apart from this, their high living standards also attract the largest number of international students every year.

Apart from the US, the UK has the most reputed global institutions in the world. Reputed institutions like Cambridge and Oxford and high-quality living make it one of the best study abroad destinations. Reputed UK universities are considered to produce the most employable graduates globally. According to ‘The Global University Employability Ranking 2017’, companies around the world prefer graduates from the prominent UK universities.

With educational institutes of global repute, affordable quality education and post-study work opportunities, today Canada is the most preferred destination of the international students’ community. Apart from this, Germany and Australia come to the top when it comes to the best education system. With almost no tuition fee and state-of-the-art universities, Germany is the hot-favorite destination for the students who want to study abroad. Also, vast and beautiful, Australia has made to this list. Top 35 Australian universities got a place in the ‘Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings 2018’.

Acceptance of Foreign Students: One of the foremost concern of students who wish to study abroad is the change of place. They always have this dilemma of getting accepted in altogether a different environment, different culture, traditions, and customs. Although they tried to get accustomed to their culture but still getting accepted is a big thing for them.

Countries like the US which is the land of immigrants is considered as friendly for foreigners. It already has a sizeable proportion of different communities from across the globe. So, one cannot feel alone in a foreign country. Apart from this, it is also called the land of opportunities. Because of their vast economy, students get plenty of opportunities after completing their studies. Although countries like Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand have similar ethnical cultures and also offer an array of study opportunities, students are still apprehensive about countries like the UK and Australia. Due to recent incidents related to racism, students have become skeptical about Australia. Although their authorities have clarified that they are against any kind of such hatred and have also signified it through their friendly immigration policies.

Moreover, with events like Brexit and anti-immigrant sentiment, students are apprehensive about the UK. Apart from this, UK’s home office’s exclusion of India from the list of countries which are not required to undergo tough visa applications has further narrowed the negative outlook for this region. Also, countries like France which are considered as top study destinations is not preferred by students who want to go to English speaking nations as it is a non-English speaking country. 

Budget: This is one of the most crucial factors in selecting the country. Students with budget constraints always look for Germany as their topmost priority, however, it is not that easy to get into any of their public university as the competition is stiff. In addition to this, Nordic countries are considered affordable study destinations for international students. Countries like Norway and Poland which are free for everyone irrespective of their nationality.

With English as one of their medium of teaching and high-quality lifestyle, Norway can be a preferred destination for pursuing higher education. Students need to pay for some of the specialized courses only. However, living cost in Norway can be high with approximately US$17,000 annually.

One more affordable European destination for studying abroad is Poland. Students who can speak the Polish language need to give an entrance exam in order to pursue their higher studies for free. Courses in the English language are also available at a cost of approximately US$2400 to US$ 3700. Living costs are also on the lower side with approximately US$7500.

Best Countries with Post-study Work Opportunities

Students who go to study abroad always look for getting international work exposure. This also helps them in recovering a major part of their overall studying cost. Various countries are making changes to their immigration policies and making strict rules for foreigners. However, despite this, skilled professionals and qualified students will make sure to benefit through post-study work opportunities.

UK: Generally, people have a perception that there are no more work opportunities in the UK for international students. However, the truth is that the opportunities are still there but the rules have become more stringent now. The stay back depends on the type of visa one has acquired.

Post-study work opportunities in the UK:

Visa type

Duration of stay

Tier 1 (Graduate)

12 months which can be renewed to further 12 months

Tier 2 (General)

5 years as this visa type is dedicated to those who look for a job

Tier 4 (Doctorate)

12 months after the completion of the course date


USA: Now we come to the most popular international study abroad destination i.e. USA. The coming of Trump regime and revised immigration policies does not have a significant impact on international students. Here, international students can stay and work for 12 months after completing their studies. Further, students who go for STEM education this duration is 24 months. The sheer size of the US economy makes it the most preferred destination for skilled professionals worldwide. Indians are the largest beneficiary of the H1B Visas, more than 60% of these visas are issued to the Indian community.


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