Overseas Students can apply for 6 interesting UK apprenticeships

 Overseas Students can apply for 6 interesting UK apprenticeships.png

UK apprenticeships offer a mix of study and work to the Overseas Students. They enable them to gain valuable insights into the job market:

1. Digital Journalism Apprenticeship – BBC

This apprenticeship is for the social media enthusiasts. It is based at the BBC news centers at Salford or London. The applicants must be creative, resilient, and curious. They must also have a passion for writing.

2. Retail Apprenticeship Programme – Greggs

Greggs offers access to learners to the world of retail through several apprenticeship levels. It is ultimately renowned as one of the best UK bakeries. The firm encourages hardworking and passionate individuals to apply.

3. Industry Apprenticeships – Nationwide 

Nationwide offers 4 kinds of apprenticeships that individually last for 1 to 5 years based on the level. Applicants are also offered the flexibility of choosing their area of interest. These include HR and Retail to Marketing, Finance, and Contact Centers, as quoted by the Study International.

4. Apprenticeship Scheme – Network Rail 

Network Rail offers comprehensive insight into the engineering and tech world through its apprenticeships. The duration is 3 years. The first 21 weeks are spent by the interns at the training center in the Midlands at Westwood. The rest is spent working from a depot close to their destination.

5. Apprenticeship Programs – Sky 

Sky offers a wide range of dynamic opportunities that will offer access to innovative and interesting roles. You cannot apply to these apprenticeships if your subject of study is the same as that of apprenticeship. This is true well even if you have an apprenticeship in the same subject.

6. Level 4 Retail Management Apprenticeships – Marks & Spencer 

Marks and Spencer offer exciting learning Level 4 scheme in the field of retail management. Those who possess self-confidence can make optimum utilization of the opportunities offered by the firm.

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