How can Canada help international students settle in the country?


There has been a rise in the number of international students moving to Canada. Canada has seen a surge in the number of international students while it has been opposite for the US and the UK. Its welcoming attitude and friendly immigration policies have made it the preferred destination of many.

The Centre for Immigration and Settlement of Ryerson University published a paper in October. Zaheer A. Dauwer is the author of the paper. According to the paper, international students need to overcome various hurdles in getting jobs and to settle down permanently.

Students who wish to work temporarily in Canada are often unable to do so. There are limited education programs which combine classroom training with practical work experience. Also, there are not enough professional networks available to assists such students.

Many Canadian employers also like to hire candidates who have Canadian work experience. Having a PR or Citizenship makes the student even more attractive to employers.

Many international students also face challenges while applying for their PR. The scarcity of settlement services and complex visa rules add to their woes. Lack of immigration knowledge also makes it difficult for them to get a PR.

International students, however, have always been the “chosen ones” for the Canadian workforce. They are young, well-qualified, and are well adapted to Canadian life.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business released a report. It said that there were 399,000 vacancies in the private sector in Canada in 2017. The Govt. plans to fill this gap by recruiting international students as per Canada’s Global Market Action Plan. The plan is to increase the number of international students from 239,131 in 2011 to almost 450,000 in 2022, as per Study International.

Zaheer lists the below suggestions on how Canada can help international students settle in the country:

  1. The policies of Canada should provide the resources to the students to settle down. Policymakers should collaborate with educational institutions and employers. They should also collaborate with migrant-serving organizations. It would provide better settlement services to these students.
  2. Provincial governments should connect international students with employers in Canada. This will help these students integrate socially as well as economically in Canada. Local employers should receive incentives from the Govt. to hire international students. The Govt. should encourage companies to help international students settle down in Canada.
  3. Education Institutes in Canada should introduce more co-operative programs. These should combine classroom training and practical work experience. More courses on the labor market of Canada and bridging programs should be launched. This will help international students transition better into the work arena of Canada.


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