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 University of Ljubljana


University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest higher education and scientific research institution in Slovenia. University with its rich tradition was founded in 1919. 


More than half of all undergraduate students in Slovenia finish their studies at the University of Ljubljana, as well as two thirds of masters degree students or specialists, and more than eighty percent of doctors of science.

At the University of Ljubljana we make sure that all studies are carried out in a positive learning environment. In addition to lectures, practical lectures and seminars, considerable attention is paid to practical education, international exchanges, extra-curricular activities, career consulting and other student activities.


University of Ljubljana every year traditionally opens the University Week with the presentation of the most prominent research achievements. The purpose of the event is to emphasize the university’s focus on research and to present those researchers who achieved especially visible results this year.

When selecting the creators of the ten most prominent research achievements of the University of Ljubljana, the commission primarily takes into account international prominence, which is evident from quotations and the influence of the journal in which the work was published.


  • career consultations on an individual basis and in groups (advice on choosing a study programme, on entering into employment, on preparing a career plan);
  • free workshops and other additional education for students to obtain further competencies and practical knowledge for more effective entry into the labour market;
  • information on first-, second- and third-cycle studies;
  • information on employment opportunities after graduation;
  • presentations of employers and employment opportunities in their organisations for the purpose of establishing contact between students and potential employers even before graduation;
  • study visits to organisations where students get to see first-hand the real working environment.

Student services

The International Office is a part of the Student Organization of University of Ljubljana (ŠOU v Ljubljani), which takes care of Slovenian and foreign exchange students who study at the University of Ljubljana.

The International Office helps foreign exchange students with arranging subsidized student meals, public transfer tickets (LPP – Ljubljana public transport) and student ID cards. We also organize events that spice up your social life while on exchange.

We are always looking forward to visits from international students, so do not be afraid to drop by!

Housing services

University of Ljubljana does not offer housing capacities for students. The fact makes the concern about housing during the studies all the more important. There are three possibilities of residing during the studies in Ljubljana:

  • student dormitories at Študentski domovi v Ljubljani, 
  • renting a room or a flat please contact Študentska svetovalnica
  • Students in postgraduate study programmes can also see for possibilities of housing at the House of Postgraduates.

Library services

There are 38 academic libraries at the faculties and academies of the University of Ljubljana. The University’s library system also incorporates the Central Technological Library at the University of Ljubljana and the National and University Library. The coordination of libraries’ activities is carried out by the Vice-rector, the Library Council and the University Office of Library Services.

Campus life

The central building, all three academies and faculties are located in the centre. Some of the most recent and modern buildings were constructed on the outskirts of Ljubljana, giving the university and its students a ubiquitous presence in the city. 

Sports facilities

The basic mission of the University of Ljubljana in the field of students’ sports activities is to provide organizational, personnel, material and financial conditions for the growth and development of students’ sports activities, particularly those enabling the widest possible involvement of the student population. 

It is also an important segment of the mission of creating better conditions for studying student athletes, in cooperation with the Sports Association of the University of Ljubljana and the Slovenian University Sports Association to ensure conditions for the development of competitive sports for students at our university, Slovenian and wider international arena.

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