Student Dairy

Student Diary

Miss Eqra Naseem
Wrocław University of Technology

Miss Eqra Naseem Wrocklow University of Technology , Poland Poland in the year 2017 has found a place for itself in the top 10 country list with best education system in the world. I really feel proud to get admitted in one of the best public university in Poland. I was looking for a university which could provide me with high quality education and best international guidance but at a reasonable cost as funds were a major cause of concern.My search for a good and reputed university in a country with no crime and discrimination came to an end with Wrocklow University in Poland. Being in the heart of Europe , Poland provides us with the breathtaking and scenic beauty with mesmerizing landscapes and mountains. The weather in Poland is loved by Indians as maximum temperature never goes beyond 22 Degree Celcius.Wrocklow is ranked among top notch public universities in Europe situated in Wrocklow, Poland. Polish education system holds back a long motivating educational history having records of noble prize winners from Poland. I have chosen Wrocklow as it's program structure is great with affordable fee structure and good faculty. World Wide College Team who have first briefed me with the idea of Poland have guided me throughout my procedure for education in Poland. The team has been of great help and kept on updating me with every procedural step in advance. The services provided by them are exceptionally good not only in India but in Poland as well. I'm really grateful to World Wide College who made my dream come true and finally I'm heading for Poland.