Student Dairy

Student Diary

Pamela Jose - India
Monash University

Course: MBA
Institution: Monash University
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Location: Melbourne, Victoria

After working for 10 years and having a good career with a call centre in India, I decided to pursue an MBA to give me the boost to take my career higher. 

I decided to study my MBA at Monash University because of its international ranking and positive feedback I had heard from students that had studied there before.

Studying in Australia had a good mix of work and study, my wife and I found time to travel and uncover some of the lovely things that Australia has to offer, such as the parks and gardens, most of which are free to access for the general public, and the beaches are the best in the world. With some of the world’s most liveable cities in Australia you have to be here to experience what makes Australia one of the best countries to study and live in.

After I had completed my MBA I was able to secure a role as an Operations Manager with a leading call centre. 

To future students, I would say do your research and pursue an education which you enjoy rather than the most lucrative course. It is good to remember that it’s not what education gives you but what you can take from your education that is going to make the difference.